Tenderized Octopus

TENDERIZING makes the difference. Tenderization is a method using sea salt, ice water and tumbler. It's an all-natural process where no additives or chemicals are ever used. This process breaks down the muscles of the octopus and gives us what is called "flower octopus".

Flower octopus is a beautifully round & curled in the shape of a flower. Our octopus can be stored at 0 degrees and will last up to two years.

Furthermore, it can be thawed and re-frozen without losing any of its succulent flavors. Freezing further tenderizes the octopus.

Our products are flash-frozen on-vessel. This process provides a high-yield, significantly higher than non-tenderized products.

Non-tenderized octopus yields between35+50%, whereas the Gullo's tenderized/tumbled octopus yield between 65+85%, depending on the size.